AffinityX and TownNews Form Partnership

Feb 24

Two best-in-class companies in the local media space join forces to create new editorial page design/production efficiencies for print newspapers
Elgin, Illinois and Moline, Illinois — Feb 24, 2019 — AffinityX, the power behind the biggest names in local and the white-label print production services partner to some of the world’s largest local media companies, and TownNews, creator of the media industry's leading content, revenue, and engagement platform, today announced a partnership to help move the industry forward. As part of the partnership, AffinityX works within TownNews’ BLOX Total CMS (content management system) for newspapers that choose to outsource editorial page design/production. AffinityX will actively promote BLOX Total CMS to is clients who do not already have a preferred solution in place.
David Grant, Founder and Executive VP Advertising Services, AffinityX said, "TownNews and AffinityX are combining their extensive newspaper experience to significantly reduce production costs and time to market even further. Using TownNews’ BLOX Total CMS functionality and AffinityX’s page design skills, the two companies have developed a partnership to smoothly implement across both existing and future customers. The partnership will enable newspapers to pay back their investment for the BLOX Total CMS within a few weeks of implementation.”
Brad Ward, CEO, TownNews, said, “With more than 1,700 local media organizations relying on TownNews for management of their web and mobile sites, video, social media, digital advertising, apps, and print editions, it made complete sense for TownNews and AffinityX to combine our highly complementary services. It’s our passion at TownNews to help local media companies succeed and we found a like-minded partner in AffinityX.”
Mark Poss, CEO of Big Fish Works, a mutual client of AffinityX and TownNews, noted, “We’re excited that AffinityX and TownNews are partnering to make the newspaper businesses more efficient, because they are both the best-in-class for what they do. There has been a shifting mindset in which publishers are more comfortable handing off processes we used to own to outsourcing partners who can take the burden off the in-house team. Big Fish Works is one of these more forward-thinking publishers.”
About AffinityX
AffinityX is the white label creative and marketing services partner behind the biggest names in local marketing. We are the secret weapon of the world’s best media companies, agencies, brands, marketing services companies and more. Our purpose-built technology, media expertise and world-class infrastructure delivers more than 5 million fast-turn jobs per year, from logos to websites to programmatic advertising and beyond. With 2,200 employees worldwide, AffinityX's U.S. headquarters are in Elgin, Illinois. Its parent company is Ayala Corporation, the oldest and largest conglomerate in the Philippines.
About TownNews
TownNews equips local media organizations with the digital services and guidance to transform their business models and flourish in the digital age. Our tools and expertise in print, digital, video, OTT, and advertising enable forward-thinking media organizations in dynamic markets to efficiently engage their audiences, increase security and grow revenue.
Fueled by a passion for local media and a 30-year proven track record of success, more than 1,700 news organizations have benefited from the platform and tools we've built specifically for the media industry to thrive.