Mar 24

AffinityX Wins Best Emerging IT-BPM Company for Creatives at The 9th International ICT Awards Philippines

Chicago — March 25, 2015 — AffinityX, the leading white label creative and marketing services partner for companies that serve small to medium-size businesses (SMBs), has been recognized as the most outstanding company in the creative sector of the IT-BPM industry. The company won the inaugural “Best Emerging IT-BPM Company for Creatives” award at the 9th International ICT Awards Philippines in Newport City, Pasay, Philippines, on Tuesday, March 24, 2015.

The International ICT Awards look to recognize companies based in the Philippines and engaged in providing creative services from the Philippines to international clients. President of AffinityX Philippines Randy Hall, CFO Andrea de Castro and HR Director Andree Kintanar attended the event. Fred Ayala, CEO of AffinityX’s parent company, LiveIt Solutions and Managing Director of AffinityX’s holding company Ayala Corporation, as well a member of the AffinityX board of directors, also received the prestige “Individual Contributor of the Year” award.

Entrees were judged across a number of criteria, including: company growth since 2013; a large volume of clients with emphasis on quality work and diversity of services; depth and breadth of competencies; high-caliber company management; and promotion of the Philippines and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

“We’re honored to be recognized by the ICT Awards, which demonstrates not only that we can deliver on behalf of our clients, but that we have the leadership and practices in place to help all of our talented creative employees reach their full potential,” said Ken Swanson, CEO of AffinityX. “We’re incredibly proud of the staff, the culture and facilities we’ve developed around the world.”

AffinityX’s services include website and landing page writing and design; online ad campaign management and operations for online display, video, mobile and social; marketing collateral and print ads; as well as logo design and business documents.

SMB advertisers are up against difficult competition, trying to stand out against larger companies with nowhere near as much dedicated marketing budget or resources. Great creative can make all the difference in attracting a customer, whether that creative comes in the form of a logo, website, menu, flyer, video, or digital or print ad. AffinityX understands this challenge, and that’s why it helps its partners deliver top-quality creative and marketing services to SMBs every day. AffinityX believes that every revolution starts small.


About AffinityX

AffinityX is the leading white label creative and marketing services partner for companies that serve SMBs. We help our clients drive new revenue by offering everything their customers need, from physical to digital — logos, print ads, websites, online ad campaigns, and much more. We deliver world-class design and turnarounds in as little as four hours, all at a price SMBs can afford. The world’s best SMB-focused companies depend on our technology, processes and insights to secure their success. AffinityX and Affinity Express are trademarks and sole property of Affinity Express, Inc.


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