AffinityX Recognized As A Premier Google Partner

Company also earned ‘Specialization’ status in Google Search Advertising.

AffinityX, the white label creative and marketing services partner behind the biggest names in local marketing, has been named a Premier Google Partner. AffinityX has been recognized as a leading company for developing and maintaining successful online advertising campaigns for its clients' customers. 

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The Kentucky Broadcasters Association and AffinityX Announce Partnership to Offer Digital Solutions to Member Stations

Today the Kentucky Broadcasters Association (KBA), which unites public and commercial radio and television stations across Kentucky, and AffinityX, the white label creative and marketing services partner behind the biggest names in local marketing, announced a partnership to bring additional digital revenue opportunities to KBA’s member stations.

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AffinityX Starts Off Q2 2019 with Rapid Growth, New C-Level Executives and Expanded Board of Directors

AffinityX, the leading white-label creative and marketing services partner behind the biggest names in local marketing, today announced that it has promoted David McTarnaghan to Chief Executive Officer; welcomed Rachel Walkden as the company’s new Chief Operating Officer; appointed Amit Basak as Executive Chair, Board of Directors; and added Steve Kezirian to the board.

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AffinityX and TownNews Form Partnership

Two best-in-class companies in the local media space join forces to create new editorial page design/production efficiencies for print newspapers

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Top Trends that will Drive B2B Digital Growth in 2019

By Lynn Tornabene, Chief Marketing Officer, AffinityX

Today, we’re in the Age of Local — marketing wars are digital, skirmishes are ongoing, and you win or lose based on local relevance. This is not only the new reality for major brands and their agencies, but also for companies whose bread and butter has always been local, such as hospitals, real estate agents, auto dealerships, and the advertising and media companies who service them.

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Local is the New Marketing: Predictions for 2019

By Lynn Tornabene

Lynn Tornabene, CMO at AffinityX, shares her thoughts on local marketing and its possibilities with democratization of technology, programmatic advertising, connected television, and social media.

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Outsourcing While In-Housing — How to Keep Control While Gaining Scale and Speed

by Lynn Tornabene, AffinityX
According to the 2018 IHAF State-of-The-Industry Report, 67% of respondents across various industries said they don’t think their in-house agency is adequately staffed.

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AffinityX Joins the In-House Agency Forum

AffinityX is pleased to become a member of the In-House Agency Forum (IHAF), the leading professional association for in-house agencies. From creative to media to executive management, IHAF offers benefits to its members via benchmarking data and best practices, conferences and events, and networking opportunities.

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California Publisher Outsourcing with AffinityX

News & Tech Staff Report

It’s been a year since Sonoma Media Investments fully outsourced its ad design and pagination operations to the AffinityX platform. California-based Sonoma Media was formed in late 2011 to buy the Sonoma Index-Tribune and Sonoma Magazine from Halifax Media Holdings, which acquired the publications through its $143 million acquisition of The New York Times Regional Media Group papers that same year.

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AffinityX Appoints New VP, Business Development – Agency Side

Former executive from Turner and Time Inc. Stephanie Vautravers joins company during a period of high growth

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AffinityX Named Best Filipino-Owned Company in the 2018 International ICT Awards Philippines

Company Wins the Acclaim for Second Year in a Row

CHICAGO, IL — AffinityX, the power behind the biggest names in local, recently took home the “Best Filipino-Owned Company” trophy from the 12th International ICT Awards in the Philippines. This was the second year in a row the company earned this distinction.

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Digital Denial, Drowning and Discipline: What’s a Local Media Company to Do?

By Lynn Tornabene

Quality journalism, from the national to the local level, is the bedrock of any democracy.  But as anyone who has been paying attention knows, many media companies that have traditionally relied on print have been struggling to keep up in the digital age.

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The Age of Local: The New Marketing

 By Lynn Tornabene

All politics is local” was a phrase made famous by the late Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neill, and today, all marketing is local.

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AffinityX Parent Company Ayala Makes Forbes 2000 List of World's Best Employers

CHICAGO, IL – October 30 2017 -- AffinityX the leading provider of white-label creative and marketing services for companies that serve small and medium businesses (SMBs) and other local marketers, is pleased to announce that its parent company, Ayala, has been named to Forbes magazine’s first-ever Global 2000 list of the World’s Best Employers.

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Facebook’s Self-Serve Ad Creative Can’t Be SMBs’ Only Choice

Facebook has risen from questionable marketing platform to one of the dominant powers in digital media in a relatively short period of time. And while the platform made $27 billion in ad revenue in 2016, it has ambitions to venture into creative services as well.

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AffinityX Wins Three Awards, Including Creative Hall of Fame Honor, at the International ICT Awards Philippines

Also Named Best Company of the Year for Animation & Game Development and Best Filipino-Owned Company

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Affinity Express Receives ISO Certifications for Creative Production Units

Accreditation Ensures Highest Level of Quality Management at the Company’s Pune and Manila Offices

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IAB Proposes New Ad Portfolio

The IAB recently released a proposed update to the IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio for public comment. As members of the IAB, AffinityX is thoroughly reviewing all suggested changes and will be submitting our comments for consideration.

The changes put forward by the IAB will work to improve the consistency of cross-device creative display, as well as enhance consumer experience, by phasing out invasive and disruptive ad units.

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The Myth of the Lonely Marketing Tech Robot

Recently, Scott Brinker published a fascinating graphic, with 3,874 marketing technology logos crammed into one chart. For every one of those logos and all the accompanying investor decks and analyst presentations, the underlying myth of how work actually gets done is the same: “The robot does it all.”

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Bypassing the Hurdles to Bring Programmatic to SMB Advertisers

Programmatic has remained one of the hottest trends in digital advertising over the past five years, but the increased spending and popularity haven’t come without difficulty or controversy. The latest struggle is on the agency side, where many shops are sprinting to keep up with client demand, trying to integrate programmatic ad buying across their organization. This has not come easily, with many of the largest holding companies struggling to break programmatic out of a silo.

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AffinityX Wins Second Consecutive "Best Emerging Company for Creatives" Honor at the International ICT Awards Philippines

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Apr 8, 2016) - AffinityX, the leading provider of white-label creative and marketing services for companies that serve small and medium businesses (SMBs), has been distinguished as the preeminent creative company in the information technology and business process management (IT-BPM) industry in the Philippines, taking home the "Best Emerging IT-BPM...

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Vantage Points: How Can Local Businesses Fight National Competitors

Local advertising used to mean just that: small or mid-sized businesses (SMBs) trying to reach consumers in their local markets.
No more. Today’s SMBs must compete in the “New Local”– a battleground where the SMB’s message must compete against powerful national brands for mind share, especially in digital advertising.
The good news? A new generation of providers are offering SMB owners the tools to win against the giants and bring more business to Main Street USA.

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Why sales enablement strategy + technology = increased ad revenue

While technology and digital platforms deserve a space in the future of news media, revenue strategy should be built on sales enablement. What does that mean for your media company?

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How the SMB/Local Advertising Community Can Avoid ‘Bad Ads’

Image is everything in advertising — and that might be even more true for digital, where it’s almost too easy for consumers’ eyes to skim past ads. Believe it or not, image is also important to the software necessary for serving those ads, as failing to meet certain creative standards may actually prevent ads from ever reaching a consumer.

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How the Tech Emerging From CES Could Impact Local Advertisers

Most SMB advertisers won’t be immediately leveraging the technology unveiled recently at CES in Las Vegas, but that doesn’t mean they can’t tap into the excitement that the show generates with consumers and businesses alike. CES is no longer simply a show about TVs, cars and cell phone cases — it now represents the best of what humanity can really do when focused on collaboration and innovation.

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2016 Predictions for Local Marketing

LSA asked industry leaders and experts what they predict 2016 will hold for location-based marketing, advertising and commerce. There are 24 responses in a presentation that can inform your marketing and keep you ahead of the trends: LSA 2016 Predictions.

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AffinityX Appoints Amod Dani as First Global Creative Director

Award Winning Creative to Oversee Creative for millions of SMBs Served by AffinityX’s Partners
Chicago – AffinityX, the leading provider of white-label creative and marketing services for companies that serve small and medium businesses (SMBs), today announced that it has named Amod Dani as its first Global Creative Director. As the Vice President, Creative, Dani will lead AffinityX’s creative staff and vision as they continue to deliver high-quality creative marketing executions for millions of SMBs. 

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Publicis Creative Amod Dani Jumps To White Label Provider AffinityX

by Larissa Faw

Amod Dani is switching from working directly with clients to working behind the scenes as the first global creative director at marketing and creative services company AffinityX.

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AffinityX Launches AudienceX, Bringing Full-Service Programmatic Advertising for SMBs to the Local Media Market

Suite of Ad Tools Allows Companies That Serve SMBs to Quickly Generate Sustainable Digital Revenue
Chicago — September 29 2015 — In today’s increasingly internet-connected world, every brand that wants to grow its business needs a digital marketing presence. Audience targeting, mobile advertising, compelling websites and dynamic creative play a huge role in helping businesses attract new customers. Yet these tools and tactics are well beyond the capabilities and budget of most small and medium businesses (SMBs).

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How “Do It For Me” Digital Media Will Unlock The Potential of SMB Advertising

Lynn Tornabene

In the U.S., programmatic ad spending topped $10 billion in 2014 and is set to double by 2016. While the first wave of adoption was all about big national brands, the benefits for local small and medium businesses (SMB) are perhaps even more compelling. What local business wouldn’t like to build their brand and reach exactly those customers who are most likely to buy?

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What Do the Death of Flash and the Rise of HTML5 Mean for SMB Advertisers?

At this moment, the advertising opportunities for small and midsize businesses (SMB) are simultaneously more wide-open and more complicated than ever before. The Internet allows SMBs to go head-to-head with major national advertisers to find consumers, while new technology like mobile devices and tablets offer even more potential consumer touch points.

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AffinityX Appoints Tymothe Meskel Director of Programmatic Sales

AffinityX, the leading provider of white-label creative and marketing services for companies that serve SMBs, today announced that it has named Tymothe Meskel the Director of Programmatic Sales. 

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Duct Tape Marketing

The Demise of Facebook’s Organic Reach

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AffinityX Offers Expert Integrated Ad Sales Advice for INMA

The media industry has changed greatly over the past decade, forcing news media companies and their ad sales teams to adapt by expanding their offerings and entering new forms of media.

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AffinityX Wins Best Emerging IT-BPM Company for Creatives at The 9th International ICT Awards Philippines

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Affinity Express

Affinity Express Rebrands As AffinityX To Help Multiply Revenues For Companies That Serve SMB Marketing Needs.

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Local Media Companies Are Running Out of Time

William Penn once said, “time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” Time management may elude many of us in our professional (and personal) lives, but it especially impacts an industry that is continuously under pressure.

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The Fight to Save Local News

New Jersey’s Governor also recently took the unprecedented step of allocating state funds to support community journalism, and at the federal level, lawmakers are debating whether to make it easier for news organizations to gain tax-exempt status.
In other words, legislators are waking up to the fact that local news is in danger of extinction and that corporations arguably should be held responsible for providing jobs and supporting “the public interest.”

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Google’s New Algorithm Change Rightly Recognizes Original Reporting and Local Journalism

This hasn’t been just Google’s problem — major news algorithms have been long challenged to recognize original reporting especially from smaller local outlets. Business Insider reports that 80 percent of the articles on Apple News come from just 20 sources, and those sources are almost entirely large national outlets.
This reality means that larger publishers get more traffic, more ad revenue and possibly more subscriber revenue.

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