You Built the Relationships,
We’ll Help You Build the Rest

The average small business has about as much in common with a Fortune 500 company as a paper airplane does with a starship. What does a small business need to soar? Tailored solutions that are simple, fast, focused on growth and incredibly cost effective.

  • Point solutions, while highly focused, miss the seamless integration of creative, workflow and technology. An SMB has no time to consider and manage a bewildering range of solutions that offer multiple “platforms” but no way to efficiently work together. And neither do you.

  • Adapted enterprise solutions, while integrated, miss the unique realities of what you need to serve your SMB customer –demand for high quality creative, quickly delivered at an affordable price.


The AffinityX Platform Puts you in Charge of your Customer Relationship.

Our infrastructure makes it easy for you to sell additional offerings your way, at your own pace. Just want to add one or two? No problem. Ready to add a dozen? Done. You can count on us to:

  • Drive and manage the intake process for creative
  • Assign SMB-experienced consultants, copywriters, designers and ad operations personnel
    with the optimal skills for each job
  • Continuously build a proprietary database of what works best for each kind of SMB
  • Create industry bundles that make it easy for you to sell, online or off
  • Give you access to an on-demand platform that enables you to scale